Top 3 Tips to Be an Expert Interviewer by Sean Little

An entry level job candidate may not be as experienced with the interview process as their older comrades in the job market. When judging a candidate’s abilities, you don’t want to pass up an excellent candidate because they are not comfortable with the interview process yet. Here are a few ways interviewers can help the process along when hiring for new grad jobs.

  1. Let the Candidate Do Most of the Talking

An interviewer must engage the candidate with information about the company and the job, but once it’s time to get more in depth, it’s the candidate’s turn to talk. Interviewers can use advanced screening on top-tier employment plans as one way to gain more information on a candidate prior to an interview. However, those that want to gain a lot of the information through the interview process alone must be skilled in pausing at the right time to allow the candidate to fill in the blanks.

  1. Don’t Accept General Answers

A fresh graduate job candidate may not understand how to properly answer questions in an interview process. Ask for an example within their own life if an answer is too general. If you are still not satisfied with an answer, try to approach the same question from a different angle.

  1. Be Organized and Take Good Notes

An interviewer may be impressed enough to hire a candidate on the spot, but typically it takes some time to compare one candidate with another who may also be a good candidate. Don’t rely solely on your memory when making such an important decision.