Recruiter’s role in building successful organization by ANTONY XAVIER

Would you like to work as a Recruiter? Do you want to know what is the role of a recruiter in building a successful organization or Are you already a recruiter but would like to know how to be a strategic Recruiter? then here are the five best practices as a recruiter you can follow to build a better organization which I learnt from my experience.

  1. Branding the Organization: Crafting a brand that is consistent with your workplace culture will result in attracting the most relevant talent, which will in turn lead to a much higher employee retention rate.
  2. Creating Better Employee Referral Programs: Employee referrals are a critical component in your efforts to obtain the best potential employees. Employee referrals provide better than average candidates because employees know your company culture and have an idea about what employees work successfully in your organization. Employee referrals also reflect on the referring employee who wants to be positively regarded in your organization.
  3. Go – Getter, Aggressively pursuing top talent: Finding and sourcing top talent benefits every company, regardless of field or industry. When top sourced talent comes on board, the best results occur.
  4. Proactive Recruiting: Adopt a talent strategy to addresses long-term requirements before they become short-term nightmares. If you are NOT proactive with your recruiting and hiring process, you will NOT hire the best candidates available. So be proactive. Find the best, recruit the best, and hire the best.
  5. Invest in Employees: Invest in developing new skills and abilities in those you employ. You are assured of a better return a more capable and competitive workforce.