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Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is the most discussed topic within HR fraternity. The ability to be diverse and inclusive is within reach for all businesses, but the organizations struggle to promote their D&I strategies to the next level, communicate what they are doing or measure the outcomes to ensure that what they are doing has been successful.

According to a 2018 Global Recruiting Trends report, building diverse and inclusive teams is the number one talent priority for HR and talent acquisition professionals.

A study conducted by IBM mentions, Organizations that have an effective Diversity & Inclusion program are:
6X - More likely to be innovative
6X - More likely to anticipate change and respond effectively
2X - More likely to meet or exceed financial targets

According to data from LinkedIn, 78% of companies prioritize diversity to improve culture and 62% do so to boost financial performance.

Given the cross-industry competition for hiring Diversity talents and to focus on creating an exclusive D&I hiring process, LiveC has dedicated team of D&I hiring specialists to address your hiring challenges

LiveC’s Diversity & Inclusion hiring initiatives focuses on talent which includes:

  • LGBT
  • Women
  • Physically Differently enabled.
  • Veterans

We are passionate about this subject and have conducted job fairs for the Differently Abled. We also have a Differently Abled consultant as our champion and head of this practice.

Connect with us today to discuss your D&I  hiring challenges and needs. Lets make it a great initiative together.

LiveC D&I Practice

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